Rebranding an Electric Vehicle's brand​: Citylife EV

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Citylife EV is a leading brand of electric vehicles in india. It manufactures Electric / Battery vehicles for commercial uses. The company is a decade old brand and in the passenger rickshaw sale they are the leaders, where as they want to gain a percentage in the industrial segment.

The reason for rebranding the company was to be above their competition, gain visibility which they were lacking, gain new potential segments where they can market their products like Industrial Loaders, School Rickshaw, etc.

Poster Design for Marketing Communication

We started with creating a brand and design strategy for the company where we described them that "WHY THEY NEED A CHANGE" and " WHAT IS NEEDED TO BE CHANGED" which will improve their visibility, showcase their strength, opening a new communication channel to sell in different segments.

Communication design for Marketing

We started with strategy, Identity Design, Communication Design, Online Communication Presence, UX/UI, Photography, and still going onnnn.....

Photography Production

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