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Citylife Corporate Video

Crafting a Captivating Corporate Video: Behind the Scenes of CityLife Electric Vehicle

In today's dynamic business landscape, visual storytelling has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to communicate their message effectively. One such endeavor was undertaken by our team at Trojan Design Videography, as we embarked on a thrilling journey to create a compelling corporate video for CityLife Electric Vehicle. Spanning five days of intensive videography, encompassing drone shoots, insightful interviews with directors, capturing the essence of eRickshaw innovation, and delving into the manufacturing facility, our mission was to encapsulate the spirit and innovation of CityLife Electric Vehicle.

Day 1: Setting the Stage

Our journey began with meticulous planning and coordination. Understanding the brand's vision, objectives, and target audience were paramount. With a detailed storyboard in hand, we set out to capture the essence of CityLife Electric Vehicle's mission to revolutionize urban mobility.

Day 2-3: Capturing the Essence

With cameras rolling, our team immersed themselves in the bustling energy of CityLife Electric Vehicle's operations. From the sleek design of eRickshaws to the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, every aspect was meticulously documented. The drone soared high above, capturing sweeping aerial shots, providing a breathtaking perspective of the brand's impact on the urban landscape.

Day 4: Voices of Innovation

Interviews with the directors provided invaluable insights into the brand's journey, challenges, and vision for the future. Our team skillfully captured their passion and commitment, weaving together compelling narratives that would resonate with audiences.

Day 5: Bringing it All Together

As the final day unfolded, we pieced together the puzzle, blending footage, interviews, and narration seamlessly. Every frame was carefully curated to evoke emotion and inspire action. The result was a cinematic masterpiece that not only showcased CityLife Electric Vehicle's innovation but also stirred the imagination of viewers.

Additional Elements:

  • Customer Testimonials: Incorporating testimonials from satisfied customers added authenticity and credibility to the video, reinforcing CityLife Electric Vehicle's reputation for excellence.

  • Visual Effects: Strategic use of visual effects enhanced the storytelling, bringing key messages to life and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

  • Original Score: A bespoke musical score, tailored to evoke the brand's ethos, added depth and emotion to the video, further immersing viewers in the CityLife Electric Vehicle experience.


Creating a corporate video for CityLife Electric Vehicle was more than just a project; it was a journey of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Through meticulous planning, skilled videography, and a passion for storytelling, our team at TDI Videography brought the brand's vision to life, captivating audiences and igniting a spark of inspiration. As CityLife Electric Vehicle continues to redefine urban mobility, we are proud to have played a part in sharing their story with the world.


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