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Jayna: Rebranding a traditional Indian wanna be MNC

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Jayna a reputed brand name in the Indian market needed an image makeover to penetrate the international market but being a traditional Indian and being in the market for so long, they were afraid to accept a rebranding equivalent to the international standards.

We researched and strategised a way out by which the company identity and communication improve the standard to the international levels and it should also not change so much that the domestic market does not recognise the company.

We started with the research, strategy, then moved towards Photography and designing and creating an identity, communication for businesses (B2B) and customers (B2C), product catalogues, digital communications, outdoor, packaging, exhibition etc.

The identity creation: Color - Font - Gaphics - Icons - Grafic Background - Logo

Business Cards

The Identity Collection


The Identity Explored More

Brochure combined with product catalogue.

Product Catalogue Inside Page

Product Catalogue Seperater Page

Product Catalogue Inside Page

Packaging Cartons

We are still improving and working on...


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